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About Us  


Plainview Milk Products Cooperative was established in 1899 in Plainview, MN as a dairy cooperative servicing local patrons. Historically, cooperatives and granges were formed by communities as vehicles to market their products and serve as a source of community support. We have enjoyed our position as a true cooperative in Plainview and the surrounding region and are proud and pleased that we have managed to retain our identity as an independent coop. In retaining our identity, we are able to maintain direct contact with all our patrons and conduct business in a manner which consistently performs in their best interests.

Our personnel are dedicated to maintaining high quality standards resulting in a favorable position in today's marketplace and ensuring our ability to continue to grow in the future. Our 300+ members are spread throughout Southeastern Minnesota and Southwestern Wisconsin. We have grown much, over the years, and also own and operate our Commodity Feed Store and Farm Supply facility with the same business philosophy and ethics that we practice at the creamery.

Over the past few years, we have also managed to diversify our products and services - designing and implementing a bulk dry blending facility, expanding our custom processing abilities to include organic product drying, and developing our expertise in processing specialty ingredients.  Our innovative approach coupled with expert personnel and experience combine to offer our customers advantageous solutions to product and supply problems. 

We feel strongly that by continuing to grow with new design and product lines while maintaining the basic mission of a true cooperative, we can offer our patrons, customers, employees, and community the quality, service, and commitment we take pride in. 

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